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About us

“ Fashion-Textile” is a garment manufacturing factory based in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The company was founded in 2011, and all this years aimed to produce high quality garments for luxurious brands from France, Italy , Australia.
From the very start ”Fashion-Textile” has been known for its high standards and the ability of executing elements with a high technical precision. In order to achieve this high results and quality we use the latest technology and equipment, ensuring that they meet or exceed the highest standards.
If you are looking for high quality clothing that you can trust, then look no further than our company.

We Provide

  1. Sample Production
  2. Bulk Cutting
  3. Bulk Production
  4. Quality Control
CMT Production
CMT production is when the client offers us all the fabrics and trims for the production.
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Full Scale Production
Full Scale production is when the client provides the design, and the factory is doing all the rest.
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